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Waverly Lake Surgery Center

Why Our Patients Choose Waverly Lake Surgery Center

Unlike a traditional hospital’s impersonal environment, Dr. Patrick Rask, and Dr. Peter Tsai, along with their experienced staff, provide a warm, cordial experience without sacrificing clinical efficiency. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, our team works to ensure you receive state-of-the-art medical and surgical care that’s comfortable, convenient, and effective.

The Waverly Lake Surgery Center advantage can be summarized by five key benefits to patients:

Some patients find they save up to 50% on out-of-pocket expenses for their Waverly Lake surgical procedure compared to what they would have paid at a local hospital.

Our organization is dedicated to monitoring and searching out the most effective technologies to optimize procedural outcomes.

We are sensitive to your comfort as well as your health care needs, so we maintain an efficient schedule that delegates ample time for your procedure while also ensuring you may return to the comfort of your own home to recuperate as soon as possible.

The under-one-roof layout of our facility allows for easy transitions between our registration area, comfortable waiting room, surgical suites, and recovery rooms. Patients also have access to ample public parking.

With a set surgery schedule, our team is able to plan and assign the appropriate number of staff members to serve the needs of our patients each day. Eliminating issues with understaffing allows us to focus solely on personalizing your care.

Our Services

Our medical and surgical services include:

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